Foam sclerotherapy is sometimes referred to as the ‘gold standard’ for non-invasive treatment of varicose veins.

The medical procedure involves injecting a chemical agent such as liquid or foam into the varicose blood vessels so that they close, narrow and dissolve safely.

The limit of the foam up to now has been that of its preparation as it is entrusted to the doctor himself. This constituted the biggest limitation as it put in the hands of the professional the task of obtaining a good sclerosing mixture. Manually prepared foam can be of low quality, lack consistency and stability, or simply not be suitable for treating smaller veins.

In 2016, Barcelona vascular surgeon Enric Roche patented an approach to automate the foam preparation process that led to VARIXIO.

With VARIXIO, doctors are now able to prepare the highest quality foam in an automated and compliant way, paving the way for the surgery-free treatment of varicose veins of all kinds.

This breakthrough comes from the ability of VARIXIO to produce foam using very low concentrations of sclerosant, the shrinking agent. For large varicose veins, where large quantities of foam must be injected, the device simplifies the foam preparation process, even when using physiological gases such as carbon dioxide, sometimes required for safety reasons in some patients.