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COVID-19 caused thrombosis in half of the people it infected. This high percentage represents a further complication in the effects of the coronavirus in people, which leads Dr. Casoni to ask for the prevention of this disease with anticoagulant drugs and also with a healthy diet and healthy behaviors.

Veins have always been considered unimportant in the "human body", so much so that they are considered only as an aesthetic hindrance or a little more.
Instead they represent THE MAIN drainage system of toxins produced by the cells of every organ and system. The correct functioning of the VENOSO system is an essential element for good health.

Preventing the onset of venous insufficiency, a disease that affects about one in three Italians, is essential for the well-being of one's body. And if it is true that this disease affects people over 50 years of age more, however, it is necessary to know that there are specific tests and therapeutic paths that can counteract its development from a young age.

Hemorrhoidal disease

I am 70 years old and I have had a haemorrhoidal disease for many years, but recently the bleeding became chronic, and I was offered radical surgery under spinal anesthesia. Are there any other methods?

Hemorrhoidal disease is frequent and can be disabling in 4% of cases, about half of the population, at least once in their life suffers or has suffered from disorders related to the presence of hemorrhoids, anal fissure and non-neoplastic proctological pathologies. Corman believes that about half of people over 50 in the United States have symptomatic hemorrhoids, and the peak prevalence is between 45 and 65 years.

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