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Dr. Paolo Casoni, vice-president of the  Italian Phlebological Association says: "For a faster recovery after the operation, a patch tested with an Italian scientific study is now available in our country, confirming the effectiveness of this new releasing technique of natural substances". 


Rome, April 15th, 2019 - Varicose veins are an annoying blemish but also a "spy" that can hide serious health issues. They are a disease that affects over 40% of Italian women, mainly after the age of 50. They can also affect men: in Italy, one man out of four has varicose veins.

A new surgical technique was developed in Parma for the treatment of varicose veins in the lower limbs.

In the cases of insufficiency of the great saphenous vein, the classic surgical treatment involves stripping with a crossectomy (which consists in cutting the groin) to abolish the reflux which from the femoral vein goes into saphenous during the upright position and causes varicose veins.
The surgeon Paolo Casoni, director of the Poli-lymphological Center of the Piccole Figlie Hospital, has tried another way: remove the saphenous vein without intervening with the groin cut.

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