Dr. Paolo Casoni, vice-president of the  Italian Phlebological Association says: "For a faster recovery after the operation, a patch tested with an Italian scientific study is now available in our country, confirming the effectiveness of this new releasing technique of natural substances". 


Rome, April 15th, 2019 - Varicose veins are an annoying blemish but also a "spy" that can hide serious health issues. They are a disease that affects over 40% of Italian women, mainly after the age of 50. They can also affect men: in Italy, one man out of four has varicose veins.

 Moreover, in summer the symptoms tend to get worse: swelling and redness - in addition to the sense of heaviness due to the heat - increase the demand for sclerotherapy treatments. These help to improve both the health and the appearance of the lower limbs, that are obviously more exposed in summer. 

"It is estimated that worldwide, in just one day, over 9 million people undergo this treatment - says Dr. Paolo Casoni, vice president of the ItalianPhlebological Association (AFI) and director of the department of Ippocrate Vein Clinic in Parma -.


"Only in my specialized center, we carry out over 6000 treatments each year. Summertime is one of the best times, in which we witness an incredible increase in patients." 

"The intervention - continues Casoni - consists in the injection of drugs that cause an injury to the endothelium,  the "tiles" that cover the walls of the veins. This causes an obstruction of the capillaries and consequently their removal. It's a simple, well-tolerated operation that may present some contraindications. 

The flowing of the drug can actually cause inflammation, pain, small thrombus or nodules visible on the skin. These side effects benefit from the application of natural ointments based on escin, melilot, Centella Asiatica and, above all, heparin. 

A new treatment: the patch

Today, the first patch is available as a result of Italian research. It has to be applied to the skin and stay there for 10 hours, to allow faster healing. 

"The patch is an innovative release technology that has been tested in a study conducted in our center in Parma.- explains dr Casoni - The researchers have highlighted the superiority of the action of the product released through the plaster, compared to that obtained with the single ointment. People subjected to sclerotherapy were treated with the special patch based on natural products: escin, melilot and Centella Asiatica with Glycated Eco. The innovative biotechnological products of plant origin with heparin-like action can help reduce the formation of hematomas due to trauma, cosmetic surgery or venous circulatory disorders. Thanks to this technique of administration  the substances are more effective in overcoming the skin barrier, and their action is therefore of a greater impact."

The study is going to be published on Veins, the Italian phlebology association's magazine. 

"The research clearly shows that Venoplant Patch is able to re-absorb the small thrombus that can occur after sclerotherapy - concludes Dr. Casoni, coordinator of the study -. In particular, our goal was to evaluate the reduction of the inflammatory state and the increase in the permeability of the connective tissue. Both results have been achieved."