Being well and being healthy is the condition that we all aim to reach. What can actually be done to achieve a state of so-called "well-being"? A general condition of wellness is based on three fundamental aspects: the venous circulation, the osteo-articular apparatus, and the metabolism. 


We have found that in more than 20.000 patients in 30 years the maintenance of a venous circulation in full efficiency is the basis of a patient's well-being. This is due to the force of gravity that acts on the venous system causing aging. This leads to a sense of swelling, edema and visible blemishes such as cellulitis or varicose veins. These consequences can make other issues worse. These problems can be caused, for example, by age, such as arthritis. By treating circulation, for instance through sclerotherapy, the lower limbs can be protected and a general state of health can be reached. 

The osteo-articular and musco-skeletal apparatus

These systems allow us to walk, run, and move in general. As a consequence, in order to be healthy, they must be efficient and dynamic. Or, with toned muscles, elastic tendons and flexible joints. For this reason, exercise is one of three basis of well-being: both targeted (such as Pilates) and common exercises (such as cycling or jogging) are fundamental. A recent study of people over 60 in the USA shows that 30 minutes a day of physical activity reduce the use of anti-inflammatory drugs by 50%.


Metabolism's decreases in efficiency and speed with aging. It is however possible to keep it lively and fresh through proper nutrition. The so-called "healthy diet" is built a proper food education, the analysis of food intolerances, and the preparation of selected diets, created to reduce the "inflammatory state" of the organism. 

In conclusion, at the basis of well-being there is a healty body in its entirety. Contrary to what is commonly believed, the "anti-aging" process is a consequence of a work done to achieve medical health , to guarantee longevity rather than just "beauty".