(from the interview in "VOI" magazine)

We asked for some explanations on the treatment of varicose veins (also in young people), but not only, to Doctor Paolo Casoni, esteemed professional.

Your name is linked to innovative therapies for the treatment of varicose veins, through a prodigious machine: can you tell us about it?

There is talk of a therapeutic methodology that is not so new, it is HIFU (High lntensity Focused Ultrasound), which in other words means high intensity focused ultrasound. Very recently it has been hypothesized that this method will be used for venous pathologies. The media and scientific interest is strong, given the non-invasiveness of the method, which at the moment clashes with the relative scarce clinical experience (700 cases performed to date in the world). The fact that we have been chosen as the Italian reference center for the use of HIFU in phlebology (Sonovein® is called the equipment), invests us with a great responsibility. Certainly the theoretical principles combined with results that were previously very encouraging, led us to believe in the real effectiveness of this method, especially for elderly, allergic, blood thinning patients or in any case with multiple pathologies, where any traditional treatment would have meant greater aggression.

Does the problem of varicose veins also affect young people?

Certainly, although obviously to a lesser extent. Young people are more affected by malformations or in cases of particular genetic predisposition, even by so-called "traditional" varicose veins.

You specialize in vascular surgery, general surgery and clinical oncology: how important is it today to continue researching, innovating, experimenting to limit the onset of new pathologies and treat existing ones in the best possible way?

I started my medical-surgical career in ancient times, first as a fellow, then as a researcher and finally as a professor, therefore I have always had a mind brought both to teaching and to research. For various reasons over the years the path has led me to attend prestigious clinics in the USA, France and Canada to the point of having to choose a discipline among the many that could win the interest of a then young surgeon. The choice of phlebology and phlebo-lymphology derives from the fact that it is a very complete discipline, the exercise of which at a high level involves knowledge of various fields of medicine and surgery, including diagnostic imaging (ultrasound and eco-color-doppler) , anatomy and hemodynamics, dermatology, vascular surgery with aesthetic surgery skills, without neglecting the knowledge of general medicine, concerning the coagulation structure with all the complications related to venous thrombosis, both superficial and deep. In short, an all-round discipline that requires a constant and tenacious commitment to update. Last but not least, this pandemic has further involved us on this front of "thrombosis", both post covid and vaccine.