National Congress in Bologna 3/4 September.

The team of doctors of Ippocrate Vein Clinic participated with 5 important reports on modern issues in phlebology:

- Prof. Casoni: SonoVein, New Conceptions in the anatomy of the venous system, and the exposure of the patent obtained at the Ippocrate Center of the pharmacological effects of polidocanol on inflammation and immunity

- Prof. Cervi: description of the experience of how venous pathology is associated in 90% of cases with thyroid pathology. For this reason it will suffer from a national multicentre in order to have a wide-ranging comparison of data and to evaluate possible regional differences

- Dr. Nanni: latest data on minimally invasive surgery that provides for the safeguarding of the saphenous vein from its destruction usually performed in over 90% of cases: The numbers reported by our experience show the possibility, or rather a duty, to save it further 90% of cases.

The introduction of SonoVein ® in Parma will represent a huge step for Italian conservative phlebology.