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Traditional and Functional Sclerotherapy

Traditional Sclerotherapy

The injection of sclerosing drugs has always been intended to create an inflammation of the vessel wall and stimulate a phlogistic-fibrotic-productive reaction to induce the progressive obliteration of the treated vessel.




Depending on the diameter of the vessel to be treated (anatomic condition) and the flow of blood that circulates in it (hemodynamic condition) we will choose the appropriate percentage and amount of drug to be injected to achieve the above purpose (traditional).


Starting from the results obtained by treating the veins of the hands, for purely aesthetic purposes, we have reduced the concentrations of the sclerosing products,  to avoid an excessive inflammatory reaction very uncomfortable at the level of a hand, with the purpose of modulating venous inflammation.


The study has foreseen progressive reductions of the concentrations up to the minimum concentration useful to obtain the desired therapeutic effect, or the disappearance of the imperfection (visible vein).


What we have surprisingly found is that by significantly reducing the concentrations we have come to have not a classic sclerotherapy, but a persistent spasm of the vein, which results in a reduction in diameter, to have an acceptable aesthetic effect.

Functional sclerotherapy

We have reported the same technique at the level of the lower limbs, where the hemodynamic engagement is significantly more important, both at the level of the large veins and at the level of the reticular veins or the telangiectasia.


This treatment, which we call FUNCTIONAL SCLEROTHERAPY, was surprising in determining a significant reduction in the diameter of the veins of the whole reticulo-telangectasic and / or varicose system leading to an improvement in all the signs and symptoms linked to a drainage in a few sessions.


Disappearance without obliteration of telangiectasia

Significant reduction of the presence of varices

Improvement of heaviness and other symptoms (cramps, pain, itching, edema)

Improvement of cellulite blemishes

These results are listed in a number of 2,300 patients treated over 3 years.

Sessions needed

First Year

4/5/6 SESSIONS according to the cases (every 2 months)

Second Year

4 sessions (every 3 months)

Third Year

2 sessions

Start of a session / 6 months or in less important cases a session / 12 months.
At the end of the draining vascular massage treatment for 3 minutes and remain in the supine position for 5 minutes.
No compression required.

Since we practice FUNCTIONAL SCLEROTHERAPY the side effects are zeroed.

  • SYSTEMICS: 1/2300 (aura with transient visual disturbances)
  • LOCALS: Pigmentation, Matting, Necrosis = ZERO

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