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SONOVEIN ® Echotherapy

SONOVEIN® is the first 100% non-invasive robotic solution for the therapy of varicose veins through the use of "ECO-THERAPY".

It does not need venous access, catheters and does not leave scars.

SONOVEIN® ecotherapy is the only completely non-invasive varicose vein treatment that uses therapeutic ultrasound and can treat the vein from outside the body.

Ecotherapy uses ultrasound waves similar to those used during an ultrasound exam. But unlike diagnostic ultrasound, ultrasound therapy uses higher energy waves and focuses them on the vein to generate heat energy. When heat energy is delivered, the vein shrinks and is sealed.

The vein is treated step by step with therapeutic ultrasound.


SONOVEIN® avoids the need for surgery, is an outpatient procedure that allows an immediate return to normal life and has no risk of complications.


  1. Do you suffer from visible varicose veins on your legs, or even open ulcers?
  2. Are your legs often heavy and / or do you itch?
  3. Are you dissatisfied with the results of a previous varicose vein treatment?
  4. Do you want to gently remove varicose veins, that is, without surgery and general anesthesia?
  5. Are you looking for a treatment method that allows an immediate return to everyday life?

If you answered at least one of these five questions with "Yes", then ecotherapy may be right for you. Contact us!

No incisions

No incisions

No scars

No scars

Immediate return to daily activities

Immediate return to daily activities

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