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Ippocrate Complete Treatment

Four packs of Ippoleg and two packs of Ippocrate Leg Relief Cream, treatment for one year. Discounted price.

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IppoLEG ® Box

Four packs, one year treatment. Discounted price.

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Ippocrate Leg Relief Cream

The Ippocrate Leg Relief cream has been used successfully for 6 years on over 10,000 patients and is still in use today.


IppoLEG ®

The IppoLEG supplement is the result of years of observational research at the Ippocrate Medical Center of Parma, of patients treated with well-known supplements on the market in the presence of both varicose veins (varicose veins), or telangiectasias (capillaries), or signs and symptoms of venous stasis lymphatic (edema, cellulite, heaviness, night cramps, pain).


IppoLEG ® Anti-Cellulite Cream

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