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The Courses of Ippocrate Medical Center

Vein Academy

Why a Vein Academy and what does it mean?

Academy means study, learning, knowledge. The desire to transfer 40 years of experience in the field not only phlebological, but medical and surgical in general, to other specialists.

Transferring a concept and a work philosophy that are our "core".

The intention is to establish other Vein Clinics as Hippocrates in other locations and to disseminate the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in the areas of our competence through the use of single-subject or more structured courses: venous circulation in all aspects to be managed in absolute autonomy is both phlebology and ulcerative complications of venous insufficiency.

Ippocrate Vein Academy®

The courses of Vein Academy Ippocrate® are divided as follows:


Open to a maximum of two doctors to have a direct contact and a constant comparison with the professional.
The course lasts one day, from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Sclerotherapy Course

All direct and ultrasound sclerotherapy methods, from telangiectasias to large venous trunks, also through the use of apparatuses to improve visual sclerotherapy (vein viewer).

Laser Course

Transdermal laser 532 nm or 940 nm for each capillary vascular formation from couperose to angiomas to the cosmetic completion of the lower limbs.

Eco Color Doppler Diagnostic Course

Venous vascular diagnosis of the superficial and deep circulation with particular reference to the hemodynamic venous mapping essential to program each invasive treatment on the varices.

Elastocompression Course

Elastocompression (EC) is an indispensable cornerstone of phlebology: all existing EC methods are examined, from multi-layer bandage to zinc glue, for the solution of venous or comlicated stasis (ulcer).

"Full Phlebology" Face To Face Intensive course

Duration: one week, from Monday to Friday for one doctor only.

It is essential to follow at least 3 courses to access the possibility of opening your Vein Clinic Ippocrate at your premises.

The courses include coaching with Prof. Casoni and his collaborators at any time of the week; the program summarizes all the previous courses (sclerotherapy, laser, diagnostics, elastocompression) plus the surgical part to help in the operating room so that the learning curve is fast and very effective.

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