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Our Team

Our Team

People are the heart of our work. The patients and also those who are the team of specialists who deal with every day with circulation but also all the other pathological conditions related to pain, posture, cellulite, obesity and osteo-articular diseases.
Each of the professionals who work or collaborate with the Hippocrates Center is constantly looking for cutting-edge solutions that can be mutually integrated. In this sense, the Center is an organism that works in unison for the well-being of every single patient. Starting from the competence of every single doctor or professional.
Dr. Paolo Casoni
Dr. Paolo CasoniSpecialist in general surgery
Specialist in vascular surgery
Specialist in clinical oncology
Dr. Roberto Pizzamiglio
Dr. Roberto PizzamiglioSpecialist in general surgery
Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery
Dr. Edoardo Cervi
Dr. Edoardo CerviGeneral surgeon and vascular surgeonCurriculum
Dr. Matteo Pizzamiglio
Dr. Matteo PizzamiglioSpecializing in vascular surgery, University of Madrid (Spain)Curriculum
Dr. Emanuele Nanni
Dr. Emanuele NanniPhlebology, vascular diagnosis and general medicine
Dr. Gian Piera Sabucco
Dr. Gian Piera SabuccoPhysiotherapy and rehabilitationwww.gianpierasabucco.it

Ippocrate S.r.l.

Vascular surgery, phlebology, general surgery, plastic and aesthetic surgery, aesthetic medicine and dermatology, physiatrics and rehabilitation, diet and wellness.

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