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Nº 102018000006109


Patent No. 102018000006109

Issued by the Ministry of Economic Development on 7/7/2020


As per the patent description, the drug used is polidocanol, known as a sclerosing agent for varicose veins or capillaries of the lower limbs.

Casoni's discovery refers to the use of a particular formulation of diluted and buffered polydocanol in two particular concentrations, where it has been seen that the therapeutic effect showed previously unknown faces.

The sclerosing effect always seen has been replaced by a "spasmic" effect on the venous system, causing a reduction in the diameter of the smaller veins and less subjected to gravitational load (force of gravity), in fact causing a faster drainage of the limbs showing positive effects on edema, on the sense of weight, and on trophic disorders (cellulite), increasing skin trophism and the quality of the skin texture. This effect has been demonstrated both clinically, but above all with a photoplethysmographic examination performed before and after 5 treatments, but above all with the hematochemical relief of the constant increase over time of the Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEFG) which basically determines a rejuvenation of the whole microcirculatory system of the lower limbs, justifying the effect seen clinically from a biochemical point of view.

But not only that, the low concentrations showed immunomodulatory effects which clinically translates into a modulation of the inflammatory cascade, resulting in a marked attenuation. This translates into the real new effect of polidocanol according to the Casoni method, with lowering of inflammation at all levels, improving autoimmune clinical situations such as psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis, and in healthy subjects in a progressive slowing down of the cellular aging process, and therefore of the whole body.

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