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The Three Pillars of Wellness

Why Vein Clinic?

The Ippocrate Center is a new reality, although it has 30 years of experience in the field of angiology, surgery, phlebology, physiotherapy, nutrition and aesthetics.

Many will ask why vein clinic: in the veins flows the blood that contains the cellular waste, which must be cleaned up after returning to the heart. A venous stasis retains waste and toxins that accelerate aging and cell death. Health necessarily needs a healthy venous system.

The choice to offer a complete service to the patient starting from the "venous circulation" (1st Pillar of wellness) is characterized by the findings in more than 20,000 patients treated in 30 years: maintaining a venous circulation in full efficiency is the basis for the patient to feel the sensation of well-being. The force of gravity acts daily in a venous system that ages and wears, gradually losing effectiveness and bringing inexorably to the presence of weight, edema, together with imperfections (varicose veins or telangiectasia or visible reticular veins), cellulite, all factors that act as amplifiers of other problems that age brings us to know, first of all the osteoarticular apparatus (osteoarthritis and tendinopathies, often evolutionary and degenerative) - 2nd Pillar of wellness - An efficient and dynamic osteo-articular and musculoskeletal apparatus are another key to guarantee a good health..

Moreover we would like to accompany the patient towards an awareness that a lively and fresh metabolism, like that of young people, can really contribute to a state of good health; in fact, we insert in our "core" the 3rd pillar of wellness, or the care of nutrition, from the preparation of personalized diets to the analysis of food intolerances or to the most serious incompatibilities or allergies.

The search for the "well-being" starts from the need for a healthy and harmonious body to reach aesthetics, which does not have to be a starting point, but a point of arrival and completion of a path.

In many scientific works we read about Anti-aging, or what to do to find an "anti-age" key, either pharmacological or behavioral, for a youth that never passes ... This is not possible and we at the Hippocrates believe instead that the real bet is the "longevity" or to find the key to aging well in health and harmony, the aesthetic confirmation will be a direct result. Too many times we stop at the surface, neglecting that only a healthy body can guarantee a longer and more harmonious life.


First pillar of wellness

Efficient venous circulation

Second pillar of wellness

Efficient and dynamic osteo-articular and musculoskeletal system

Third pillar of wellness

Feeding care

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