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The surgery-free treatment, echotherapy with


Echotherapy for varicose veins, The surgery-free treatment with SONOVEIN® using therapeutic ultrasound

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General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Clinical Oncology.

The Ippocrate Medical Center is the first Vein Clinic in Parma, an environment dedicated to the vascular pathology of the lower limbs, in all its manifestations, from the integrated treatment of telangiectasias, to varicose veins, to the most delicate complications (phlebitis and ulcers).


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Vein Clinic

From the integrated treatment of telengectases, to varicose veins, to the most delicate complications (phlebitis and ulcers).

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We save the saphena

Less and less aggressive treatments that save more than 90% of the saphenous veins from ablation.

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Areas of expertise

Angiology, Non-invasive Vascular Surgery and Phlebology

Diagnosis and treatment of venous and arterial insufficiency.
Cutting-edge diagnostic methods.

Diet and Wellness

Adopt proper nutrition, just for a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

Aesthetic Medicine

The most innovative anti-aging methods together with a minimally invasive surgery for the most common imperfections.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Rediscovering the balance after injuries, small or large accidents, and surgery can be tiring, especially if you do not work carefully on every single aspect of the problem.

Hemorrhoids Treatment

Hemorrhoids treatment with foam sclerotherapy.


Clinical dermatology, scars, skin neoformations, lasers, advanced therapy, surgical dermatology.

The first 100% non-invasive robotic solution for varicose vein therapy.

SonoVein Echotherapy

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Ippocrate Complete Treatment

Ippocrate Complete Treatment

IppoLEG ® Box

IppoLEG ® Box

IppoLEG ®


Ippocrate Leg Relief Cream

Ippocrate Leg Relief Cream
Dott. Paolo Casoni


He graduated with honors at the University of Parma in 1983 and then specialized in general surgery, oncology and vascular surgery at the same university obtaining the title of university researcher confirmed from 1990 to 2006 at the surgical transplant clinic under the guide of the professor G.C. Botta.

Numerous periods of study and updating abroad have allowed Dr. Casoni to devote himself to the pathology of the venous system by learning first and then proposing the most innovative techniques for the conservative treatment of the venous heritage of all subjects.

Director of the Department of Angiology and Phlebology at the Ceram Hospital, Marbella (Spain)

Health Director at Hippocrates Vein Clinic - Medical Center

Vice President of the Italian Phlebological Association


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Ippocrate S.r.l.

Vascular surgery, phlebology, general surgery, plastic and aesthetic surgery, aesthetic medicine and dermatology, physiatrics and rehabilitation, diet and wellness.